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A little break

2009-01-05 19:18:41 by Dufanzy

Joined the air force, so I'll not post anything new for another few months or so.

Enter the Dark series

2008-07-26 22:13:15 by Dufanzy

Now, I've already added two pieces here for this series, and I'm trying to figure out a way to get the actual story here. It's already three books, which I'm hoping to revise and work on some more, before continuing with the next three in the series.

I'd like to make this series into something else, beyond books, as well. At first, I was hoping an opera, but I though that I would have far greater creative freedom in movie format, though I would like something in stage form as well. Anywho, I'll work on all of that once I finish the books. I'd like the music to get done with the books as well, at least the themes. I'm gonna try out something a little new, though I know things like it have been done before.

If anyone is interested, I would love to storyboard the stories as a whole, and see what can be done to animate this story. But, again, I'm not exactly sure if it'll work out, and how much can be done. I don't have the time to learn flash right now, though it's been a goal of mine for a long time now, and don't really know any flash artists myself.

Anywho, at the very least, I hope to finish the themes for the characters, areas, and even a few key items in the story(ies). Maybe at some point I will make posts with the stories in them, size granted. I guess it's all wait and see until then.

TTFN ~ Ta ta for now!

Here are the two pieces that have been submitted to date:
Dinian's LamentWentan Cliff

Loops not looping

2008-02-10 23:03:18 by Dufanzy

Can anyone help me out with this odd audio problem? I've submitted two loops, and so far, they are the only things that don't loop smoothly... can anyone offer any suggestions as to why my loops don't... well... loop?


2007-12-05 00:51:21 by Dufanzy

I just began the process of submitting my first piece. I hope it passes this inspection period quickly. As it's description says, it is something I slapped together in an hour or so, just so I could A) get something in the portal and B) figure out the submitting process by actually doing it (and not just studying it). Be gentle. I'm a much better writer than that piece... it's just a little start. :p

enjoy! and there is more to come... much more!

getting started

2007-12-02 10:54:54 by Dufanzy

I am hoping to start adding some of my music to the audio portal, but I'm also interested in getting some flash work done. Can anyone make software suggestions?